Titanium Steel grades at a glance with ASTM standard specification and equivalent chart

Titanium Alloy is made up of primarily titanium. Titanium is a naturally occurring strong metal. It is strong and has less wear and tear compared to many other materials. It is used in sealing stamps and other accessories that have to last longer without much wear and tear. The titanium alloys contain other elements as well. There are different grades of titanium alloys base on the mixtures. The Titanium Alloy manufacturers in India produce some pure titanium grades as well. These are used for specific purposes. There are around 40 grade of titanium including 3 different commercially pure titanium grades. This Alloy price depends on the grade and the product as well. We offer a competitive pricing for titanium products. The Alloy uses differ with grades and industries. The most used grade of titanium is the grade 5. It has an inclusion of iron, oxygen and 5% vanadium and 4% aluminum. The additions improve the strength and the corrosion resistant properties. But the thermal conductivity is about 60% less than the commercially pure titanium grades. The composition also makes the alloy be more weldable and fabricable. So this is easy to use, cost effective and is widely used in a variety of applications. The applications include biomedical implants, vessels, hubs, forgings, cases, airframes, rings, fasteners, discs and blades. Titanium alloy also is used in aesthetic applications and household items sometimes. The melting point of this material is usually very high. Due to the high melting point at 1678 degree Celsius, all the alloys have a good creep resistance even in high temperatures. These could also be used under cryogenic temperatures as well. The grade 23 is the most commonly used for medical implants. We at Aesteiron produce titanium alloy products in different forms and types such as bars, rods, pipes, fittings, etc.

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